Brad Doyle Promoted to Senior Broker at KDS

Brad Doyle joined KDS Commercial Properties in 2007 as a broker and specializes in full-service brokerage and investment services.

“Brad’s dedication and wide range of experience make him a critical part of KDS,” said Mike Kiriakides, KDS Principal & Broker-In-Charge. “Brad has always shared KDS’ vision to offer clients a more personalized approach to real estate solutions, and his personality and leadership skills make him the ideal broker to lead our growing team.”

Brad Doyle, promoted to Senior Broker at KDS Commercial PropertiesSince his entry into commercial real estate in 2007, Doyle has been mentored by Kiriakides and Larry Webb, who “have been a perfect combination of expertise and professionalism in their support of me steadily developing the craft of being a commercial real estate broker.”

Doyle has developed a niche for himself in the office sector with his attention to detail in every phase of his clients’ transactions.  His clients are constantly pleased to see his tenacious efforts on their behalf and his willingness to regularly and openly communicate with them about their project’s status.  His goals are to be a consummate learner and dedicated listener as he continues to advise his clients for years to come.

Get to Know Senior Broker Brad Doyle

Why did you choose to live in Upstate South Carolina?

I was lured by a beautiful, witty, and talented woman.  When I was younger, I always told people it was going to take a lot to get me out of Chattanooga, the city I grew up in and adored.  But this girl hooked me in, so I chased her to Greenville and never looked back.  Greenville has become part of the fabric of who we are, and I moved my parents, native Tennesseeans, down here a few years ago too.

What recent real estate endeavors are the most memorable to you and why?

  • Carolinas Electrical Training Institute, who had begun a search to purchase a headquarters location for significant expansion and long-term growth in the highly-sought-after Airport Submarket of Charlotte, NC, contacted me because another broker had significantly damaged their pursuit of a prospective property.  They were running out of time.  Within a week, I helped to assemble their team of advisors:  financing, legal and architectural, and identify their ultimate destination.  The negotiation was challenging and needed steady attention to take to the finish line.
  • Stephens Psychiatry expected the path to purchasing a building in Pettigru Historic District to be straightforward.  It wasn’t until during due diligence on the property, we realized that the necessary repairs were cost-prohibitive.  The timing of this realization put us under significant time constraints for relocation due to many factors.  We were able to transition to an off-market property nearby because of the culture at KDS of networking internally to determine solutions for clients.
  • Mavin Construction had a challenging mixture of criteria driving their search for a headquarters location.  I was added to the team of advisors by my colleagues here at KDS, who had been working on their search for some time.  I identified a property that had been long overlooked in a midtown location that would suit the varied needs of a commercial construction company. This was a prime example of the KDS culture of teamwork helping to best serve our highly-sophisticated client.


What current projects are most exciting to you?

I am involved in multiple projects in the Travelers Rest submarket, right now.  That submarket has exploded in the last year or so, and to see it transform so quickly and to be a part of that effort has been exciting.

We are proud to work alongside Brad.  He is an invaluable part of the KDS Commercial Properties team.

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