Masonry Design Award for design on the new CVS on Main Street

Craig, Gaulden, Davis has won the Masonry Design Award for 2011, presented by the Upper South Carolina Masonry Contractors Association.

Name and Address of Project: CVS Pharmacy, 255 Main Street, Greenville, South Carolina 29601

Type of Masonry Materials Used in Design and Reason: In order to create a more interesting elevation, ten different sizes and colors of Carolina Ceramics brick were used in construction. The design created interest and detail in the typical pharmacy prototype. The City of Greenville Design Guidelines required interactive pedestrian interest in the building facade. Since we could not use windows, due to merchandising in the interior space, we suggested that the Owner engage a sculptor to design three brick panels to enhance the pedestrian experience. The artists worked with a local historian for subject matter and the McBee Avenue sidewalk now has a new, public art installation created from brick.

Any Unusual Uses of Masonry in Project: Brick sculpture incorporated into facade of building.

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